Monday, March 7, 2011

Another addition

Yep, we are having another boy this summer. None of my boys have ever been modest in their ultrasounds. They seem to be proud, even after they are born. I am due July 30th. The worst time for us to have a child, because Adam is so busy with work. But I guess this child is suppoused to be here, because we were not expecting to get pregnant yet.

We are all excited(even me) for another boy. We haven't picked out a name yet, we still have awhile though. I seem to be showing sooner with this one and i am finally feeling better. I had a rough few months but thankfully its over.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I thought I would start off with with a post of each child. I am starting with Harker because his pictures were the easiest to find.

During the summer, this is usually what he is doing, at grandma's or at home.

The rest of the year, this is where you can find him the most. He loves baths, takes at least two a day, would take more if we would let him.
Fun facts about Harker
- He will be turning 6 on the 19th.
- Asked me the other day why I didn't wear makeup, then told me that he thinks it looks good.
- Loves to build with his lego's all day long
- Pretty much loves to build anything, like forts inside with blankets, or outside with whatever he can find.
- Loves going to school on tuesday and thursdays. He is also enjoying gymnastics on fridays.
- Has the most engry out of all my boys, never slows down even when he is tired or sick.
- When we are doing school, I never think he is listening and then he will surprise me and remember the things I have said.
- His favorite food is omlets and eggs in a basket. He loves steak and tacos. The other night he ate three taco bells tacos.
- Jesse's favorite thing about him is that he will wrestle and play with him.
- Porter's favorite thing about him is that he gets to take baths with him.
- My favorite thing about Harker is that he always makes the family laugh, and if you are bored, there is always something he will make up to do.


I am just going to pretend that it hasn't been over a year since I last posted. Stay tuned in the next week and I will hopefully start posting again. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I need your address

I need the addresses from the first five girls who left comments on my giveaway. You know who you are..... Amanda, Paula, Carrol, Noelle wait I have yours, and Kristin.


These are the reasons...

These are the reason why I have not been blogging.

The boys have been keeping me very busy through out the day. We moved this last weekend, and so now Jesse is going to a new school. This school has all day kindergarten. He is doing really good with it. He really enjoys his new teacher. The first day I went with him and ate breakfast with him. His favorite thing is eating lunch in his classroom.

Harker goes to preschool. He loves it soooo much. The bus picks him up and drops him off everyday. That has been so nice for me. He has a hard time getting up in the morning but by the time he is on the bus, he is excited.

Porter is still Porter. He is talking a lot more. Today he told me that no no was a bad word. His favorite things to say are, " I am telling Daddy" while I put him in timeout, " that's a bad word", " I love you" and "hold me". He is still a momma's boy. He loves to be held and loved. He turned 3 in oct. I am hoping that the 3's are better then the 2's with him.

Michael will be 5 months on the 13th. He is such a wonderful baby. He is pretty much content watching his brothers all day. They love to sit and watch him. Even after 5 months, they fight over who gets to sit by him. He doesn't sleep through the night. For awhile there he was getting up every two hours but the last two nights he has gotten up twice. Hopefully he stays like that.

This is what else has been keeping me busy. This summer we thought about buying a house after our lease was up. We saw a lot of houses, put a few offers in, one got accepted, but then we didn't feel good about it. We saw this house and fell in love with it. It took awhile but we moved in last weekend.

We love it. Even with all the boxes around the house, we are really happy here. It has a fireplace on the outside as well as the inside. It has a huge backyard. We miss our old neighbors but are happy with more room. The house looks smaller then what it is. I love having a big laundry room. It also has lots and lots of storage.

I got a new calling a couple weeks ago at church. I am the new Primary secretary. I am so excited. The released me right before the baby was born from teaching the 10 year olds and I have been missing it. A couple times I would sneak in and sit and listen.

Hopefully I will find time to blog more. Thanks for all the comments on the post on what you do when you are feeling like a bad mom. Its been one of those months or two :) Heavenly Father has been blessing us like crazy. I am so thankful for the little and big blessings.

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New web site

Go check out this fun new web site. They are having a lot of giveaways.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What to do?

What do you do when you have one of those days or weeks when you feel like you are a bad mom?